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Todokai means the association of the way of Master Toru Yamaguchi. This school is dedicated to the promotion of traditional Shotokan karate. It regroups all karatekas of Shotokan-Ryu following the tradition of Funakoshi O’sensei. It continues his mission, the one of Masatoshi Nakayama O’sensei and Yamaguchi Toru O'sensei.
The main goal of karate is to form balanced human being in harmony with our body, our heart and soul. Todokai transmits the fundamental values to form balanced human beings.
The harmony of the body, the heart and the soul is the essence of the Todokai pedagogical approach. When we have found this balance, we have to continue our ascent and maintain this balance while growing in the karate-do.
From November 28 to December 29 2014
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From May 27 to May 29 2016
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From June 03 to June 05 2016
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